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Amouage Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Amouage is an exclusive perfume house based in Oman and may be the only publicly available perfume brand established by a real Sultan. Perfumery has been an important part of middle-eastern culture for millennia and in 1983 the Sultanate of Oman launched Amouage to continue this tradition into the 21st century.

The opulent fragrances produced by the house, strong and bursting with local ingredients, weren't just for the use of the Sultan himself though. From the start Amouage has been an international project, French master perfumer Guy Robert having created the very first fragrance; Gold (1983) a intensely floral perfume which immediately made waves with it's strong notes of rose hip and fragrant civet. The tradition of bringing in outside help has continued and Amouage still employs the best noses from all over the world to work on their exquisite perfumes. Over the years the luxury fragrances from Oman have become synonymous with deep and powerful oriental scents thanks to only using the best ingredients. All perfumes are housed in beautiful bottles and cases with inspiration from Omanese culture.

Although not that commonplace in European scents for men, oriental fragrances features an abundance of floral notes, especially rose. This can seen in many of Amouage most celebrated fragrances for men such as Gold Pour Homme (1998), a woody floral with rose and incense on a base of woods and civet. In the new millennium Amouage turned to more modern influences as seen in the very popular Journey (2008) for men, which featured a spicy and fresh blend with sichuan pepper, bergamot and juniper among others.
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