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Baldessarini Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Werner Baldessarini founded Baldessarini in 1994, after having worked in Hugo Boss AG and being awarded the prestigious Michael Award for his attention to detail and great elegance of his creations.

Baldessarini is not only specialised in clothing for men, but also in a whole range of fragrances and beauty products for men, such as deodorants, aftershaves and shower gels. The biggest fragrances of this brand are Strictly Private, Ambre and Del Mar.

In 2002, Baldessarini by Baldessarini Eau de Cologne was launched with aromatic and woody notes for men.

The brand achieved the best perfume and best small bottle award in 2003, and a year later, Baldessarini was awarded the best packaging and advertising prize for his creations.

In the following years, the brand released the famous Del Mar fragrance, Private Affairs and Ambré.

The model Baptiste Giabiconi or the actor Aiden Shaw are the best known images of this brand.

Charles Schumann, one of the most famous barmen in the world, offered is image for the Secret Mission fragrance, a scent specifically aimed at men with strong character, because of its notes of bergamot, basil, cypress, cardamom, and geranium that creates a seductive and powerful blend. IFF fragrance house helped in the creation of this fragrance.
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