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Banana Republic Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Founded in 1978 by the husband and wife team Mel and Patricia Ziegler, the original Banana Republic rapidly became, and continues to be, one of the biggest clothing retailers in men's fashion. With nearly 700 stores worldwide in operation across 32 countries, this clothing giant ships to over 20 countries through company owned websites and there are now over 80 stores across Asia and Europe as well as over 500 stores in the USA and 26 stores in Canada.

Banana Republic has steadily grown in it's 35+ years in retail and now boasts 5 clothing collections and 6 capsule collections. In the clothing ranges you will find 'Edition by Banana Republic', 'BR Monogram' – a collection that has been inspired by exquisite fabrics and is distinctive in detail and style and portrays modern sillouettes – it is claimed to be the most eloquent of styles from this women's fashion giant. There is also 'Luxe Leisure', 'Heritage' – a modern collection that has been inspired by the legacy of Banana Republic of exploration and discovery and offers a range of limited collection pieces and finally 'Elevated Work'. Often shadowed by their like siblings Gap and Old Navy, Banana Republic has spent the last few years trying to distinguish itself in the crowded speciality-apparel category with a continued amount of success - this is largely due to the introduction of the brand's fragrance range in 1995.

Mirroring the launch of the first female only fragrance in 1995, Banana Republic decided that to launch a men's scent one year later in 1996 that was to be named 'Banana Republic M' (The perfume for women was called 'Banana Republic W' – simple but effective and clear marketing). Since then the range has continued to develop with the introduction of 2 unisex fragrances launched in 1995 and 2008 respectively and a lot of strongly named scents for the men including Blaqck Walnut (2006), Cordovan, Slate (2006), Republic of Men (2009), Republic of Men Essence (2012) and one of the newest collections Wildblue and Wildblue Noir launched in 2012 / 2013.

Laced with style, charisma and versatility, this men's aftershave and cologne collection continues to dominate the fragrance world today with Banana Republic featuring heavily in various lists of bestsellers. As they have continued to grow they have also worked hard to become a little bit more polished and work-focussed – they have launched various modern day capsule collections such as 'Mad Men', 'Milly NY' and 'Anna Karenina' which keeps them focussed, modern, current, edgy and bang up to date with the latest trends and this is no different with their scents. The main notes of the aftershave and men's fragrance collection are woody which suggests that they strongly encourage their male customers to be loud and proud about their products.
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