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Bentley Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Bentley Motors founder was W.O. Bentley in United Kingdom and the company produces hand-built cars of great luxury.

The brand is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since 1998, which modernised with its capital the original Crewe industry.

The first ever produced Bentley car was made in London, in 1919.

In the present, the cars are produced mostly in UK, in Crewe, but some parts are made in Dresden.

The cars are particularly famous for their remarkable performance and luxurious appearance.

The brand has participated and won Le Mans racing competition six times since its creation, being the last time in 2003. This is because the cars that Bentley manufactures are both luxurious and fast, which provided the brand from an early stage fame on the media.

Bentley has never stopped growing throughout the world and every new model that appears in the market enjoys great success.

Bentley continued its road to success by creating fragrances for men with the characteristic Bentley emblem, transporting the aerodynamic lines of the cars in the shape of the flasks.

Some great examples of the brand's sophisticated and powerful perfumes for men are Bentley for Men, Bentley for Men Intense and For Men Azure.

Bentley for Men was one of the first fragrances to appear, and it is unique because of the use of leather and fine woods that results in a scent that materializes masculinity in itself.

All fragrances have their own line of beauty products, such as aftershaves and shower gels for men.
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