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Bond No 9 Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Born in New York in 2003 to a leading French entrepreneur, the New York based perfume house Bond No. 9 has dominated the fragrance and aftershave market right from the start with it's quirky, edgy and unique design patterns and attitudes towards their consumers and critics alike. They have produced over 60 fragrances for men and women along with several unisex fragrances too and customers are even able to blend and bottle their own customised metro-fragrance which makes Bond No. 9 one of the most exclusive and desirable fragrances to own.

Unlike most other perfume and aftershave producers, one of the differences about a the Bond No. 9 fragrance collection is that the majority of the fragrances are for women and men as opposed to being designed for individual genders. There are some fragrances, perfumes and aftershaves that have been designed specifically for men or women but they are select – most of the fragrances that Bond No. 9 have produced encompass many New York neighbourhoods, beaches, and places, as well as exclusive co-branded fragrance productions for Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods. Most of the fragrances are based around the New York neighbourhood, including Central Park South, Madison Square Park, Manhattan, and many others. Not only does this company offer a vast collection of perfumes but candles, pocket sprays, body creams, and limited edition bottles covered in Swarovski crystals are also available.

The earliest collections of aftershaves were released in 2003 and includes Riverside Drive, H.O.T. Always, Chez Bond and Great Jones. The more recent scents for Men have developed a more specific, male orientated title to grant them the independence they deserve – for example 'I Love New York for Fathers' (2012), 'I Love New York for Him' (2011) and 'The Scent of Peace for Him' (2013). Simple in title but easy to differentiate, these masculine fragrances pack a punch yet are all very unique and individual in scent – reflecting the many hours of love, care and attention that has been injected into developing these sought after scents. 'I love New York for Him' is fresh spicy and aromatic yet I Love New York for Fathers is mainly citrus notes whilst the older scents like Chez Bond and Great Jones Bond have predominantly woody notes.

Bond No. 9 continues to promote a strong sense of community through their perfume and aftershave creations and their branding, promotions and partnerships with outside bodies. It places a lot of importance on supporting the environment, the community and the State of New York – for example all products are locally produced to stimulate the local economy in the New York metro area. In 2007 Bond No. 9 began a licensing partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, allowing for the creation of fragrances bearing the Warhol name, with bottle designs inspired by his iconic works of art. Although this partnership came to a close in 2013, Bond No. 9 kept the scents, but renamed and repackaged them.
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