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Bruno Banani Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Bruno Banani is a German cult brand best known for their quirky underwear designs for men and their fun fragrances is the iconic slanted bottles. It also has a fascinating origin story. The brand was actually born out of a previous brand, Tricotex, which was a major underwear producer in East Germany (GDR) before the fall of the Soviet Union. When Germany was united after the wall of the Berlin Wall the clever entrepreneur Wolfgang Jassner turned the now failing company, which had been owned by the government and mass-produced ordinary boring underwear, into a ground breaking cult brand with a strong American influence. Bruno Banani was born and in the following years they made headlines with crazy publicity stunts such as outfitting the adventurer Achill Moser with their underwear and having him travel through 10.000 km of desert in 120 days. They also took their garments to space in 1998 where their products were tested in zero gravity by astronauts aboard the MIR Space Station.

At the turn of the millennium Bruno Banani brought their fun and stylish ideas to the fragrance market with the release of their very first scent, Bruno Banani for Men (2000). This fresh and spicy fragrance brought lavender, coffee and caraway together on a base of patchouli, vanilla and cedar, making for a warm and dynamic scent that was a huge success worldwide. The brand are also well known for Magic Man (2008) a alluring EDT for men mixing cacao and pecan with spices for a sexy and seductive evening fragrance. Dangerous (2012) mixes barrels of different citrus fruits with sea water notes in an irresistibly fresh blend.
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