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Cacharel Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

With headquarters now based in Istanbul and stores in over 9 different countries, this French men's fashion and fragrance giant didn't always have so much success, fortune and richness. It all started back in 1958 when Jean Bousquet, holder of a tailor qualification decided to go to Paris to design his first collection in a tiny studio. It was so successful that it prompted him to found the small company Cacharel, a name which was soon to be on the tip of everyone's tongue faster than anyone had ever imagined.

This was largely due to a number of factors – namely that they featured on the front of Elle magazine in 1963 and also introduced the famous 'seersucker' shirt for men (a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric usually striped or chequered and used to make clothing for spring and summer wear) which quickly saw them feature in shop windows all over the world. The on trend, modern day development of Liberty shirts and dresses at the end of the 60's meant that Cacharel remained current and en vogue right through to the next decade.

Cacharel is a very strong brand on an international level as well as for the community and this is largely thanks to their technology expertise. For example Amor Amor was highlighted recently as being one of the lead brands that maintains one of the most original, regularly updated presences in social media. Their Facebook page for example has a fictional character who carries the perfume around everything that she does and this allows the reader to have something to follow and easily relate to the adventures as they unfold. The perfume Amor Amor remains one of the best selling scents for Cacharel, the peak time being when they introduced a complementing male fragrance called 'Amor pour Homme' in 2006. As the name suggests, this delicate, masculine and sensual scent with rose in its heart has been designed for a man in love and is the perfect match for the popular best-selling women's scent.

Other aftershaves and colognes for men include Amor pour Homme Sunshine, a zesty, summer cocktail for the male 'Amor pour Homme' fans that will never go out of fashion; 'Amor pour Homme Tentation' (2008) which is a darker, balsamic, smoky scent that was created to be paired with the version for women – Amor Tentation; and finally the original 'Cacharel pour Homme' (1981) which was the debut fragrance to be produced by Cacharel and symbolised the 80's, mixing the nature and the adventures that people took together.
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