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Carolina Herrera Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

With over 30 years in the fashion industry, Carolina Herrera is a woman of passion, driven by a desire to be a role model for other women and lead them into a role of refined luxury and elegance. At the older than most age of 42, after having raised her children and settled into married life, Herrera set out to launch one of many very successful clothing lines which were to be the start of her making her dream into reality. Today, her empire encompasses a signature fashion collection, which was given space in prominent windows in a well-known Park Avenue boutique right from the very start, a bridal collection, fragrances and accessories. Herrera has more than 280 stores in 104 different countries that brings in a revenue of several billion dollars every year.

Herrera's main fashion range is for women, however she was keen to ensure that men are incorporated in the design as she is a big fan of tailoring and her signature piece is in fact a crisp, clean white shirt, often turned back at the cuffs. She has always loved trouser suits, whether they be for men or women and she would be as likely to turn up to a 'do' in 'le Smoking' (a jacket designed by Yves Saint Laurent that was modelled on items that were normally worn by men with influence and power) as she was in an evening ball gown. Her ethic and desire for her fashion and love of fragrance is one that is sophisticated and classic with a modern twist - this can be seen in her 3 ranges that have been developed over the last few decades and none more so than through her men's aftershave and cologne collection, which remain key statement pieces amongst a male wardrobe today.

After the success of the 'Classics' range launched in 1988, Carolina Herrera enlisted the help of her daughter, also called Carolina to introduce the second of her three ranges, entitled 212 in 1996. This range was heavily influenced by having a younger woman by her side with a fresh, vibrant attitude and this range was subsequently aimed at young urban men and women whilst at the same time aiming to capture and transcribe the spirit of New York. By launching the 212 range, Herrera hoped to lead the brand to create fragrances that were modern, fresh and new whilst at the same time continuing the authenticity, emotion, elegance and timelessness that had become so iconic to her brand. This collection boasts the most individual men's aftershaves and scents from this fragrance giant, with over 15 scents making up a large percentage of the total range.

The third fragrance line, CH, was developed with the sole intention of being a fragrance not for a moment or even for a particular genre of person, but rather for anyone who wishes to live a certain lifestyle – such a concept being based on Carolina Herrera's own view on life – gracing everything with an effortless elegance to every moment making this successful scent designed for both men and women the perfect accessory for memorable moments.
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