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David & Victoria Beckham Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

David and Victoria Beckham (M)

As perhaps the most famous footballer on the planet, David Beckham should need no introduction. As famous for his pop star wife, his ever changing hairstyles and his multimillion pound endorsement deals with major worldwide companies such as Adidas and Gillette as he is for his football, David Beckham truly transcended the boundaries between football as a sport and as a promotional platform for the ever-growing Beckham celebrity brand. Victoria Beckham, also dubbed Posh Spice, rose to fame with pop group The Spice Girls. It was her sophisticated outfits and haughty expressions which truly set her aside from the other girls, which of course caught the eyes of many men, including David Beckham.

The attractive couple first met in 1997 and the media immediately dubbed them Posh and Becks, a name which has stuck with them ever since. After getting married in 1999, the pair soon began with their plans for expansion in both family, fame and wealth. Victoria had a brief solo career in the music industry after the Spice Girls disbanded in 2000, but soon turned her attention to a career in the fashion industry. Victoria was already known as a global style icon so besides modelling and being a fashion consultant and editor, she soon also launched her own line of accessories, jeans, dresses and also fragrances.

The range of David & Victoria Beckham fragrances has expanded over the years and are now produced by Coty Inc, a global beauty products manufacturer from France. The first ever men's fragrance and aftershave in the Beckham line was David Beckham's Instinct, released in 2005. This aromatic fougere fragrance soon became a popular addition to a man's fragrance collection and set the tone for the line's future. Since then there have been both his and hers versions of several of the fragrances launched under the brand, such as Intimately Beckham (2006) and Signature (2008). Some other popular men's fragrances and aftershaves from David & Victoria Beckham include the aromatically woody and spicy notes of Pure Instinct (2009), the balsamic and Oriental notes of Intimately Yours (2010), the warm and woody notes of David Beckham Homme (2011), the aromatically woody and fruity notes of The Essence (2012) and the beautifully aquatic Chypre notes of Classic Blue (2014) to name but a few.
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