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Dunhill Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Dunhill, or Alfred Dunhill Ltd, is a British design and fragrance brand. They are purveyors of gentlemen's luxury goods and aside from menswear and fragrances they are also known for their timepieces, leather goods and smoking paraphernalia.

Interestingly enough, Dunhill wasn't always a luxury brand, or even involved in clothing. The story begins when the young Alfred Dunhill took over the family company, a saddle and horse carriage business. This was at the turn of the century and Dunhill was very interested in what the future might bring. He realized that horses were going out of style fast and that he needed to adapt his business to the new way of getting about; the automobile. He started selling accessories for cars, which he called “motorities”. These included luxury steering wheels, goggles, clocks and first-aid-kits. Dunhill also made clothes made to withstand the wind as well as a pipe with a windshield on it so smokers could puff away while driving in a open top car. This led to Dunhill opening his own pipe and lighter factory in the 1910's as well as the start of his menswear lines.

Fragrances have been close to the brand's heart since the early days. The very first Dunhill fragrance, Dunhill for Men, was released as early as 1934. This woody and spicy connection blended floral details of lavender, rose and iris with citrus and wood. It's a classic and typically British scent that would fit any gentleman. Dunhill Edition (1984) is newer scent that has remained very popular. It's an aromatic fougere with plenty of citrus and is available in an excellent gift set with a shower gel and an aftershave balm. Dunhill Icon (2015) has been a modern hit for the brand and really made an impact with it's heavy-duty metal bottle which is both masculine and elegant. The scent inside is a luxurious aromatic citrus scent with excellent longevity and a leathery and smoky trail. A more intense and spicier special edition, Dunhill Icon Elite, was released in 2016.

Alfred Dunhill was a driven and very stubborn man and his demands for quality and elegance are indispensable to the company even today. According to the legend, when the Dunhill store in London was leveled by German bombers in the 40's the stubborn Dunhill, now an old man, came by the following day and started selling his wares in the ruins. Dunhill is the essence of the British gentleman with a modern edge.
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