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Jeanne Arthes Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Jeanne Arthes is part of the Arthes Group which was founded in 1978 by Bernhard Perrin. The family-run business also includes the brands Jeanne d'Urfe and Jeanne-en-Provence and is based in the 'perfume capital' Grasse in the south of France. The Arthes Group produces all of their products in their own production factory and their catalogue includes a wide range of fragrances for her and him, body care products as well as home scents.

The company deals multi-nationally and distributes their products to over 120 countries worldwide.
The export to countries outside of France is an important strategy for the expanding business and the company is constantly looking for new distributors and retailers outside their domestic market. Their exports represent 75% of the company's turnover. With the aim of becoming one of the world's leading fragrance distributors, the Arthes Group has also established a licensing division through which they develop fragrances for other brands.

The Arthes Group carefully develops and manufactures all of their fragrances on site in Grasse where they collaborate with local master perfumer such as Jean-Pierre Bethouart. The company
always focuses on its French heritage and in 2011 the introduced the Jeanne-en-Provence line, inspired by cents associated with the Provence region.

Their range of male fragrances includes the spicy aromatic Extreme Limit Rock (2000s), the woody aromatic Cobra for Him Version Inedite (2008), the woody fresh Shanghai Night (2010), the woody aromatic Sexy Boy Sport (2011), the leathery Les Lions D'Arthes Homme (2012), the aromatic aquatic J.S Navy Blue (2015) and the aromatic citrus Colonial Club Legend (2015).
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