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Lacoste Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

French fashion house Lacoste was founded in 1933 and is famous for selling high-end clothing, footwear, watches, eye-wear and fragrances. Its Crocodile logo is widely recognized internationally. The founder of the company, René Lacoste, was called “the Crocodile" because of his determination on the tennis court. The relationship between the brand and sport has always been very strong. As a matter of fact, Lacoste designs shirts for tennis, golf and sailing. In 1952 the white and multi-coloured sports shirts were exported to the United States and were advertised as the “symbol of competent sportsmen” for the upper class. Since then the Lacoste brand has been identified with the preppy style and associated with the upper class.

Bernard Lacoste, son of René, took over the business in 1963 and since then the company has seen a solid growth. It reached its popularity in the US during the late 70s and by the 80s it became a must-have preppy item. Since Bernard’s death in 2006, his brother took over the management. Lacoste introduced shoes, watches, leather goods and fragrances in the 80s.

The first fragrance for men was “Lacoste Original” and was introduced in 1984. In 1996, Lacoste launched “Booster” a fresh, aromatic and woody fragrance composed by orange, eucalyptus, mint and basil. “Pour Homme” was launched in 2002 and it is a fruity and fresh fragrance with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, plum and apple. Lacoste’s L.12.12 collection consists of white, blue, red, black and green bottles, all containing one specific ingredient that reflects the colour of the bottle. Lacoste “Live” has been released in 2014, it’s shaped like a cube and contains notes of green leaves, liquorice and guaiac wood.
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