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Acca Kappa Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Acca Kappa is a refined Italian company renowned for creating its own high-quality fragrances, professional brushes and body care. The Krüll family have led the company since 1869 and to this day it is a family-run corporation which remains faithful to timeless values and heritage.

This historical brand helps its customers achieve that special lifestyle, that feeling of completion and success. Their love for nature resonates throughout their products, as does their passion for simplicity and authentic beauty. Theirs is the story of a lifestyle, a true part of Italian culture.

The range of Kappa perfume is renowned for its tantalisingly beautiful bouquets, using only the finest of ingredients available in Italy. Giardino Segreto, which translates to "secret garden", is a beautiful symphony of floral accents. Other popular Kappa fragrances include the luscious and aptly named Wisteria, the mystifying Blue Lavender and the soft caressing Calycanthus, to name but a few. Their range of women's fragrances is enhanced by several Eau de Colognes, Eau de Toilettes and even solid perfume.
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