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Aquolina Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Aquolina is an Italian cosmetics and perfume brand. The most popular Aquolina product is the lovely Pink Sugar, a super-sweet fragrance which has been released in several different versions.

The company was started by Antonella Pascale and is part of the larger cosmetics and fragrance company Selectiva SPA. Originally the brand mostly made body lotions and cosmetics. Selectiva and Aquolina are both focused on what is known as gourmand products. This doesn't mean that you can eat their products but that the scents are inspired by edible things. Anyone who has tried their lovely perfumes and products know the amazing fruity, creamy and sugary scents Aquolina can create and this has been key to their success. Today the brand is the leading gourmand scent provider and sell their products in more than 50 nations.

Pink Sugar is by far the best-known Aquolina product and with good reason. This amazing scents blends caramel, spun sugar and marshmallow in a powerful and long-lasting perfume that will have you feeling sweeter than honey. This cotton candy perfume was released in 2004 and is a must for any one who loves candy. As it's a strong and persistent scent with just a few notes it's also great for mixing with other perfumes. Gold Sugar (2013) is a flowery version of Pink Sugar with added orange blossom as well as coconut and cream. Pink Flower (2015) is a later addition to the range which is a mix of rose, fresh fruit and berries as well as a little bit of spice and black pepper. This is a more mature version of the classic Pink Sugar perfume and will delight anyone who grew up wearing it. Most Pink Sugar products are available in gift sets with a perfume spritzer as well as body lotion and shower gel.
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