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Azzaro Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Loris Azzaro was born in Tunisia in 1933 and enjoyed a good upbringing by his Sicilian parents, which eventually saw this French-Italian fashion designer embark on his life journey with the desire of becoming a new name in Haute Couture fashion. He initially set up his business in Paris in 1962 and by 1968 his business had grown to a huge success. At that time he was better known for making glamorous garments for the elite French society, though his bold and daring creations soon caught the wider public eye. Over the years, Azzaro released numerous collections which were always beautifully intricate like his famous chain-mail dresses and tops. He also released a wide range of other products such as accessories and fragrances and over time Azzaro became as well-known for his array of fragrances as for his clothing lines.

Azzaro said he always drew his inspiration from the Tunisian countryside and the skies overhead, which may explain why his favourite colour was blue. The inspirations he gained prompted him to release his first fragrance in 1975 called “Couture”, which was aimed solely at women and soon became his signature scent. He sadly died in 2003 at the age of 70, but he certainly left a lasting legacy and French designer Vanessa Seward soon took over as head designer of the Azzaro label until 2011. From its inception through to its newest releases, the Azzaro brand has always embodied a chic and jet-setting lifestyle synonymous with present-day luxuries.

Azzaro now has more than 50 different fragrances, the earliest of which was the aforementioned signature scent “Couture”. Some other popular women's perfumes in the Azzaro range include the innocent white floral notes of Azzaro 9 (1984), the sweet Oriental and woody notes of Oh La La (1993), the aromatically floral and citrus notes of Eau Belle D'Azzaro (1995), the abundance of floral fruitiness found in Azzura (1999), the delicious citrus notes of Orange Tonic (2002), the floral and woody musk of Visit for Women (2004), the green aldehydic notes of Now for Women (2007) and the sweet floral notes of Duo for Women (2011) to name but a few.
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