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Benetton Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Benetton is a well known luxury brand that has expanded since its creation in Italy in 1965.
It owes its name to the Veneto region in Italy.
In the decade of the eighties, the brand was awarded the French Greatest Prize in Advertisement, because of its outstanding marketing campaigns that created polemic approaching topics like racism, homosexuality and even the capital punishment.
The brand has expanded all over the world ever since, and has created also the brand Sisley.
The brand earned a position in the Greenpeace rank of most sustainable companies in the world in 2015.
Benetton does not only specialize in clothing for men, women and children, it also manufactures perfumes with great success.
Some of Benetton's greatest perfumes are B. United Woman and B. United Jeans Woman. The first was created in 2004 with fruity and flowery notes, while the second is a greener and fresher fragrance.
These perfumes have their corresponding equivalence in male versions.
Other remarkable fragrances of this brand are Hot and Essence. Essence is fresh and flowery, and was launched in 2008, while Hot has more woody and earthy notes, and it was created in 1997.
Each fragrance line contains a range of products, like body mists.
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