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Burberry Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Founded in 1856, Burberry is one of the leading and iconic fashion houses to have grown in the British Fashion and Design Industry. Famous for one of the most distinguishable and most copied fashion motifs ever, this British house worked hard to differentiate itself from the rest of the fashion world by selling not just clothing but accessories too – the most famous being the now-iconic trench coat. "Burberry" was the original name of this London design house, with the first store opening in London in 1891, but then the company soon switched to using the name "Burberrys", after many customers from around the world began calling it "Burberrys of London". In 1998, Burberry's changed their marketing name back to Burberry and most of their items changed too, but many accessory items still had the Burberry's name on them.

Burberry is famous for having a large selection of both men's and women's clothing in their ranges and has gained success in over 500 stores worldwide, spread over 50 countries – the most populated being in the USA and China with 20 – 50 stores in each country. The Burberry Brand is split into three – Burberry Brit, which is the most affordable and 'standard' of the Burberry brands with High Street prices, then Burberry London who's background is outerwear 'wear to work' items, including business wear and finally Burberry Prorsum which is the base line for the other brands. The majority of Burberry's success has come through sales of their clothing lines, especially in women's fashion where they are one of the hottest names on the shelf today, but also from their venture into online sales in 2006 and famously being granted a Royal Warrant for Clothing from the British Royal Family.

In addition to their fashion line and accessories, the Burberry brand offers an exclusive line of fragrances for men and women — with many bottles having been decorated with the company's signature tartan. Their first perfume for women appeared in 1991 and they have over 30 scents for women available in their collections to date. They are well known in the fragrance industry for using British celebrities in the advertising for the perfumes and best selling scents, including models Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, actress Emma Watson and more recently the controversial marketing campaign that featured Rosie Huntington Whiteley for one of their more radical scents, Burberry Body, released in 2011.

The release of Burberry Body was said to have caused massive uproar when it was first released into over 150 countries worldwide, because of the provocative and daring nature of the advertising campaign that was used by Burberry. When asked what the message from this controversial marketing was, Burberry said they wanted to capture the iconic spirit of the brand today in an iconic and spiritual way and therefore they featured a naked Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in their advert who was wrapped in an iconic trenchcoat. She was said to be very honoured to be the first 'Burberry Body' as Burberry greatly contributed towards her success, and she was delighted to help spread the message that the Burberry Body fragrance was the first in a series of scents with the aim of accentuating a woman's body and highlighting the curves discreetly in the provocative advertising campaign.
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