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Bvlgari Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Bvlgari, pronounced as Bulgari is a luxury Italian fashion house that was founded by Sotirios Voulgaris in 1884. The company's name originates from the founder's last name and although it is pronounced as a 'U' in the classic alphabet, the name is written with a 'V' as it is symbolic of the latin heritage. Voulgaris was born in Greece and began his career as a jeweller. In 1877 he left Greece to go to Corfu and from there he went to Naples before settling in Rome where he founded the company a few years later.

As with a lot of Italian traditions, the Bvlgari brand is very much a family run business, with Voulgaris enlisting the help of his sons to open the company's flagship store in 1905, which soon grew to be successful and famous and the start of a very prosperous career for the Bvlgari brand. Not content with Bvlgari's success being contained in one country, Voulgaris' grandson Gianni, who was then the chairman and CEO of the company, initiated the international expansion of the brand by launching stores in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris during the 1970s and this proved to be the start of a very lucrative and prosperous time for the business.

Focusing more on product design than ever before, Gianni also decided that the Bvlgari brand should not be kept to the confines of women's jewellery, for which it is probably best known for, but today it is a diverse luxury brand that produces several different product lines including watches for both men and women, accessories, hotels and fragrances. The first perfume for women was called 'Bvlgari Eau Fraiche' (1997) and remains a classic best seller for this fragrance giant today due to its timeless floral and citrus scent that makes it ideal for everyday wear.

Other popular women's perfumes include the BLV for women range (2000 – 2010), the Bvlgari Jasmin Noir range (2008 – 2012) along with the ideal 'new mum' gift that is alcohol free 'Petits et Mamans (1997) and the ever popular perfume 'Rose Essentielle Bvlgari' (2006) which contains a beautiful collection of scented rose notes with sandalwood and patchouli undertones that make it into a sensuous and lingering scent and a delight to wear.

As well as their entrepreneurial success, the Bvlgari brand have recently established themselves as a key contributor into the community, driven by their firm ethical family values. Between 2009 and 2011, Bulgari donated 13 million Euros to Save The Children, which has provided rehabilitation activities in over 200 schools and continues to be hugely important today.
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