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Diane von Furstenberg Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Diane von Furstenberg (or DvF), mother of the famous wrap dress, is a fashion designer. She was once royal (she was married to Prince Egon of Fürstenberg) but lost her title in 1972 when she got divorced. Throughout her marriage to Prince Egon she was determined to make her own money so therefore set out to design women’s clothes. In 1974 she launched her iconic wrap dress which launched her into international recognition. The simple dress was an instant hit, it was flattering for all shapes and sizes, as stated by Diane: “Young and old, and fat and thin, and poor and rich” they all wore it. And even today this gorgeous dress is still as popular now as it was then.
By 1976 over a million of the wrap dresses was sold, and was on the cover of Newsweek where they compared her to Coco Chanel and said that she was as marketable as Coco.

It is not just the wrap dress which has made Diane von Furstenberg popular; she also launched her very own cosmetic line, a home-shopping business, jewellery collection, swimwear, pants, scarves and beachwear. Her bold, colourful designs which are easy to wear are a hit with everyone. You will often find celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, Madonna, Tina Brown, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez wearing her clothes on the red carpet. Kate Middleton is a fan of her evening gown designs, and her lizard, colour block designs are loved by all.

She is best friends with Gloria Vanderbilt and is the one who held Gloria’s book launch part (for the book, Obsession). Diane has after all some experience in this field as she herself is a keen author with more than six books under her belt.

In 1974 she launched her first fragrance. The scent was named after her daughter and called Tatiana. Diane featured in the TV add and said of the fragrance that it was “for a man to love...and a woman to remember.” Tatiana is a skilful mix of floral, orange blossom and green notes.

Diane von Furstenberg has been credited with a star on Seventh Avenue's Fashion Walk of Fame in 2008, and in 2010 she received the Gold Medal at the annual Queen Sofia Spanish Institute.

In 1992 the queen of the wrap dress sold most of her company, but re-launched herself in 1997 and you can now shop in the stores in over 70 countries.
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