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Diesel Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Diesel may only be a relatively young brand in comparison to some other global fashion houses, but after it's humble beginnings in 1978, the brand has now grown into a vast empire with over 300 different Diesel-branded stores and more than 5000 retail outlets worldwide. The original founder, Renzo Rosso, founded Diesel with the intention of becoming a leading fashion house for a younger generation of consumers. It is this intention which saw Diesel rise to fame in the global fashion industry.

Rosso used a loan from his father to purchase a 40% stake in the clothing manufacturer Moltex back in 1978, which is when the company's name officially changed to Diesel. In 1985 he bought the remaining shares for a mere $500.000 and Rosso's creativity and experience in both marketing and systems soon saw the company's turnover grow to well in excess of $1 billion. Rosso always said that he gained his creativity in Italy, marketing skills in the United States and the relevant technical understanding from his time spent in Germany.

The main thing which always made Diesel stand out to the younger consumers was their innovative marketing strategies such as using video games as marketing platforms for their clothing range. This in turn also explains their quirky means of product presentation and packaging, you only have to look at some of their fragrance bottles to know what we mean by this. It has even been said that Diesel goes as far as intentionally arranging and presenting their store merchandise in such a way that shoppers are left with no choice but to interact with the store's sales staff. How clever!

The first ever fragrance introduced by Diesel was in fact unisex, but since then they have been offering both their male and female consumers an array of desirable fragrances in all kinds of quirky bottles. Their first ever women's fragrance was Plus Plus Feminine launched in 1997, a sweet Oriental and floral composition of seductive notes aimed purely at younger ladies who wish to make a bold statement. Other popular women's perfumes from Diesel include the warm and spicy floral notes of Diesel Green Feminine (2004), the ever-famous Fuel For Life Femme (2007), the soft Oriental vanilla notes of Loverdose (2011) and the Oriental floral notes of Loverdose Tattoo (2013) to name but a few.

DIESEL – be young, be daring.
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