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Dora the Explorer Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Dora Márquez, better known as Dora the Explorer, is an Indigenous Mexican girl that currently lives in Playa Verde. She would be described by close friends as positive, forgiving and sporty. At the age of 7 the first episode of her own series Dora The Explorer premiered on Nickelodeon. In this series she teaches viewers how to speak Spanish while embarking on wild adventures with her best friend Boots.
Dora and Boots met on a sunny day in the forest and have been inseparable since. Besides going on adventures, they also play on the same basketball team which is coached by Dora's Dad. With over five seasons running her success has gone through the roof and her series has been dubbed in 33 other languages where she helps her friends and viewers learn even more languages like English, Hindi and Tamil.

Dora has a close relationship with her viewers and reasons that she sees them as friends. This is one of the reasons that she loves making merchandise. She believes that there no boundaries to creativity and she produced games, book, bedding and much more.
The newest branch she is trying to conquer is the fragrance industry. She launched her first fragrance, named after her TV-series, early 2000s. Dora the Explorer is a floral, fruity scent that embodies her character, sweet and young. After followed the launch of “Dora and Boots”, a heavier gourmand fragrance with fruity notes of green apple, pink grapefruit and freesia.
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