Francesco Smalto Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Francesco Smalto was born in 1930 in Reggio Calabria. He shows an flair for design at an early age when he at age 11 makes the costumes for his village’s puppet theatre. At 14 he works for his uncle, a tailor, where he creates his first little suit for men. Smalto then undertakes an apprenticeship in Turino, where he will later obtain his tailor diploma.
In 1951 he goes to Paris where he is hired for an internship at the Christiani House, before working at the Camps, who, at the time, was every Parisian’s tailor. He spent six years at Camps.
In 1962 he sets up on his own making made to measure suits. In 1963 he is a huge success at the avant-garde Haute Couture with his famous suspender shirt and the white tuxedo.
Francesco Smalto was also the man who creates the lightest tuxedo in the world. He has dressed film stars such as Jean Paul Belmondo and Sean Connery and was in 2006 the official designer of the French football team.

Francesco Smalto Timeline

Full Choke

Full Choke by Franscesco Smalto is a fruity fragrance for women....