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GAP Perfume & Women's Fragrance

GAP was founded in 1969 by the couple Doris and Donald Fisher. It started out as a fashion retailer because the couple had a hard time finding jeans that fitted probably. The first store was based on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, near San Fransisco University, were they sold Levi's jeans an LP records (to keep the young interested).

The Fishers almost when bankrupt and started to sell their stock to a lower price. After finding out that the stock was sold in only few days, they realised that there were customers for the stores, the prices just need a bit of an adjustment.

Soon GAP found great success and started to open more stores and in 1976 they had 180 stores across 21 states and exceeded sales for over $100 million.
In the late 70's GAP started to produce their own products under the brand, including hoodies and shirts. This turned out to be their best idea yet. In 1980 the GAP line constituted 45% of the whole sales of the year (in 1980 GAP earned nearly $500 million).

After the good sales figures form their own line, GAP started to focus selling their own brand and started to push other brands sold in the store to the background.

Today GAP sells everything from clothing, swimwear, fitness clothes. Shoes, accessories, skin care and fragrances to both women, men and children.

GAP released their first fragrance in 1994 and has since then developed numorus fragrances to both men and women. One of the most popular fragrances for when is the Close perfume from 2009. This scent is a wonderful light fragrances with a key note of almond – something you don't see everyday, but definitely is worth trying! Worth to mention is also Near from 2011 which is a lovely fruity fragrance that just makes you dream back to summer times!
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