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Ghost Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Ghost is a British fashion brand as well as a perfume label. Ghost was founded in 1985 by designers Katherine Hamnet and Tanya Sarne, who had come into the fashion industry through modelling. They are especially known for their flowing dresses. Some of the most popular Ghost perfumes include Ghost Original, Eclipse and Luminous.

Tanya Sarne was creative director of Ghost for many years but was never a schooled designer. She had done some modelling while at university but had given it up to assist her husband with his career. After them marriage ended Sarne found herself living alone with two kids. They didn't have much money to spend and forced to dig through boxes at thrift shops she became inspired by the unique looks she was putting together. She decided to try her hand at designing and after joining up with professional Katherine Hamnet she founded Ghost in 1984. Essential to the both the brand's style and their success was the discovery of a new kind of fabric. Viscose was a low-value product made from cotton cellulose but Sarne began to experiment with it and discovered that using certain methods of drying the viscose became an excellent lightweight fabric that looked fantastic and didn't need ironing to remain nice and even. The fabric became the basis of all of Ghost's clothes and especially their famously free-flowing dresses.

Ghost has since been hugely successful and Sarne has remained deeply involved. Sarne has also designed a hugely successful line of summer dresses from Marks and Spencer. Through creativity and an interest in unusual materials Ghost has developed a look that is never out of fashion and has both uniqueness and longevity. The very first Ghost perfume was released in 1995 and the brand has released many beloved scents since then. Ghost or Ghost Original (2000) is a fruity scent with floral notes of rose and jasmine in the top. Luminous (2009) features a mix of flowers and fruit with the top dominated by fresh orange, pineapple and grapes. Eclipse (2014) features bergamot, lemon, mandarin, blackcurrant and rose in a gorgeous bottle shaped like a half moon. Ghost scents are known for their high quality and unmistakably sleek bottles.
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