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Giorgio Armani Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Giorgio Armani is a truly world-famous name in fashion and design. Ever since having been established in 1975, Giorgio Armani has grown from strength to strength until Armani was eventually acclaimed as one of the world's most successful designers in 2001. Giorgio Armani has now grown in to a fashion empire which boasts more than 300 shops spread over 37 different countries, selling a wide variety of fashion wear, accessories and cosmetics. It did of course take time for Armani to grow in to the fashion empire we all know and adore today, with their first range of eyeglasses having been presented to the public in 1988, then expanding their offerings to include a gift collection in 1989 and the introduction of A/X Armani Exchange in 1991, shortly after which the company enjoyed a much more frenetic expansion.

Giorgio Armani now houses several collections such as Giorgio Armani, Collezione, Emporio Armani, A/X Armani Exchange, Armani Accessori and Armani Junior, the garments and accessories of which are often showcased at the annual Milan Fashion Week. Another part of Armani adored by the crowds are their range of women's perfumes, with a nice variety to compliment any occasion, at any time, for any place. Their first ever women's perfume was Armani for Women (1982), now considered a modern classic adored by women all over the world. Other popular women's perfumes in their range include the white floral Gio (1992), the fruity floral Acqua di Gio (1995), the warm and spicy Armani Mania (1999), the famous floral citrus notes of Armani Code (2006), the Oriental and musky sweet Emporio She (2008), the fresh and spicy Idole D'Armani (2009), the aromatically floral Acqua di Gioia (2010), the Oriental floral Armani Code Luna (2012) and the fruity sweet Si (2013) to name but a few. In the words of Giorgio Armani himself - “the difference between style and fashion is quality”.
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