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Helena Rubinstein Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Helena Rubinstein started her successful business in cosmetics and beauty products for men and women in 1902, by creating innovative concepts such as beauty regimes and adding technical expertise to the production of her skin care products.

This explains the creation of the first water-proof mascara and the first modern mascara in the early decades of the XX century.

Her products have incorporated vitamins and retinol and she has introduced the Powercell concept to the world of cosmetics. This innovative concept has brought products such as Skin Rehab, Serum Jour, and other skin care face creams.

She believed that different types of skins deserve different treatments. Recently, the brand has developed cosmetics and skincare products based on plastic surgery, with the collaboration of Doctor Pfulg, creator of Laclinic-Montreux, in order to obtain the same effects without interventions.

Together they have created the range Re-Plasty, with products aimed to restore the skin's plasticity such as High Definition Peel or Mesolift Cosmetic.

This successful cosmetics empire belongs now to L'Oreal, and produces toners, masks, cleansers, make up removers, day creams, night creams, serums, eye care products, sun care and even deodorants.

Some of its biggest collections are collagenist, life pearl, prodigy, pure ritual, amongst others.
She also released perfumes such as the 1938 scent Apple Blossom, that is now manufactured by Kent Cosmetics.

During the 70's, the brand released the fragrance Blazer, with green notes.

One of Helena Rubinstein's best selling perfumes for women is Barynia, a flowery and exotic fragrance for women, that was released in 1985.

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This fragrance contains notes of musk, vetiver, jasmine,...

Helena Rubinstein
Helena Rubinstein Barynia
BARYNIAThis fragrance contains notes of musk, vetiver, jasmine,...