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Hummer Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Hummer is an American car brand sold by AM General. The cars are actually civilian variants of the military vehicle known as Humvee, a light truck that's been used by the American military forces since 1989. The humvee is also manufactured by AM general. The trucks are often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where they are used due to their sturdiness and great grip on sand.

In the late 90's the Hummer trucks became very popular in the United States and Am General later sold the rights to make the car to American manufacturing giant General Motors. This was when large SUVs became very popular as status symbols, especially in cities. After the collapse of the American car industry huge “gaz-guzzlers” became less popular and when General Motors went bankrupt in 2009 the Hummer went down with it as GM were not able to find a buyer for the brand. While the cars were admired for their performance, power and design the size was a bit unwieldy and they did indeed consume a lot of petrol compared to normal cars.

Even though Hummers are no longer produced the brand's legacy lives on in the form of cologne as well as clothing, bikes, shoes and laptops. A Hummer quadricycle, a four-wheeled minicar, is also sold in the UK.

As you might expect the Hummer aftershaves and colognes are high-octane and very masculine scents. Hummer For Men (2004) is an intense aromatic scent with caraway, leather and sandalwood. H2 (2005), named after one of the Hummer models is a fresh fragrance with cinnamon, mandarin, bergamot and pepper.
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