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Jean Patou Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Jean Patou was a man of the 1920s and 1930s; he gave women a sense of freedom in their clothing while still retaining their femininity. He made the first designer tennis shorts (for Susanne Leglen), knitted bathing suits and introduced, as described by himself “little nothings” such as jewelry, scarves and sunglasses to his collections.
In the year of the Wall Street crash, Jean knew that many of his regular international clients would not be able to visit Paris that year, so he sent them a gift in the shape of a fragrance, JOY. He asked for something very strong and simple to be made regardless of the price. It is the quality of the rose and jasmine used which makes JOY so special; one ounce requires over 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses.
Jean Patou died in 1936 but his brother in-law continued to run the company in the same style as Patou himself. Today the company is still under family control, with Patou’s great nephew as the present chairman.
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