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Joop! Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Designer Wolfgang Joop created Joop! In 1981, starting off creating collections for women before continuing into menswear and accessories. He got his start as a freelance illustrator and along with his wife and a successful career creating designs for other brands before launching his own brand. The Joop! brand focuses on bright and bold designs that stand out matched with classic elegance and their perfumes reflect the same values, standing out on the shelves with their big stoppers and luminous colours, yet containing high quality fragrance that's become immensely popular thanks to their unusual scents and superb longevity.

Joop! Le Bain was one of the first Joop perfumes for women and it features floral notes like aldehydes and jasmine pared with fresh citrus on a musk and vanilla base. Other popular Joop! fragrances for women include Joop! Femme (1987), the female version of the famous Joop! Homme. It looks very much like its male counterpart but in shade of yellow instead of pink and is a lovely white floral with accents of tonka bean, musk, vanilla and woods. Joop! Berlin (1990) is a celebration of the designer Wolgang Joops hometown and completely captures the vibe of the German capital with light notes green notes, sweets and nice helping of flowers.
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