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Katy Perry Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (better known as Katy Perry) was born in 1984 in Santa Barbara, United States. Her parents are Pentecostal pastors and Katy grew up moving around the country, with her parents church. Through the church Katy Perry discovered her love for music and started singing gospel, because this was the only type of music her parents would allow.

After performing in the church from age 9 to 17, Katy started to pursue a music career and moved to Los Angeles. She soon signed with the record label Red Hill Records and released her first album Katy Hudson in 2001. The album was gospel but did not end up as a success and she was later dropped by the record label.

After being dropped from another 2 labels Perry finally got her break when she was signed by Capitol Records in 2007. This was her big break – she released her first singles I Kissed a Girl and Hot n Cold, which made the ground for her future career.

Touring the world is not always easy, especially when you like Katy loves your cats! It is not a secret that Katy love cats more than anything and that is also the reason behind the name and shape of her very first fragrance; Purr. The fragrance was released in 2010 and was soon followed by her second fragrance Meow in 2011. Since then Katy Perry has released several fragrance (without the cat references) all with a feminine scent and look.
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