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Liz Claiborne Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Founded in 1976 by Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg, Jerome Chazen and Leonard Boxer. Liz Claiborne Inc. was an immediate success with sales of $2 million in 1976 and $23 million in 1978. Liz Claiborne was the first designer to insist that her collection be placed together on the department store sales floor instead of in separate clothing categories which changed the way we shop. This meant that shoppers no longer needed to go from shirt department to trousers department to coordinate an outfit. All Liz Claiborne collection was placed together and so shoppers could mix and match easily.
In 1986 Liz Claiborne Inc. made it into the Fortune 500. This was the first time a company founded by a woman had made it this far.
Today Liz Claiborne Inc. is nearly a $5 billion public company shipping more than five million units of designer clothing and accessories per week to America alone.
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