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Miller Harris Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Lyn Harris established Miller Harris in 2000 after dedicating years of her life to learning the tricks of the trade, including studies in Paris and employment at Robertet. During Lyn's childhood she spent her summers working in a perfume shop, which at that time was a luxury item only reserved for the privileged. Combining this with the organic scents she used to come across while visiting her grandparents in Scotland, lead her to love the complexity of fragrances. The rise of this company started slow and steady as Lyn preferred Miller Harris to be a niche perfume house, quality over quantity. When commoners found out that she had gifted Michelle Obama a set of her pure wax candles her sales rose by 300%. While still focusing on fragrances, the Miller Harris collection also added products such as candles and wallpaper.

Not only creating fragrances available to the general public, Lyn reserves time for around four to six lucky people a year who can request a bespoke fragrance with starting prices of £8,000. One of the bespoke fragrances she created was later made widely available. L'Air de Rien (2006) was originally created just for 70's icon Jane Birkin. This musky-vanilla concoction took two years to create and is meant to remind Birkin of her past. In 2016 a relaunch of L'Air de Rien was released housed in a new bottle illustrated by Jane Birkin herself. Celebrities rumoured to enjoy Miller Harris' unique creations are a.o. Mischa Burton, Goldie Horne and Helena Bonham Carter.

The majority of the 45 Miller Harris fragrances that were launched between 2000 and 2016 are not bound to any gender. An exception is Coeur d'Ete (2006) which Lyn created when pregnant of her first child. While craving chocolate, pear and banana, Harris created this floral gourmand aroma that bursts open with notes of cacao pod, grapefruit and liquorice. Combining the sweet opening with white pear and cassia, resting upon a base of musk and benzoin.

Miller Harris fragrances are available in 50ml and 100ml sizes.
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