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Penhaligon's Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Penhaligon's is a classic English perfume brand established in by William Penhaligon. They are known for their quirky designs, unusual scents and unmistakable glass bottles with round stoppers and colourful ribbons. The business was started by Mr. Penhaligon in the 1870's. At the turn of the century Penhaligon's was considered one of the best perfumers in the British Empire and they had several Royal Warrants. Despite the brand disappearing from most shelves after the shop was destroyed during the second world war, Penhaligon's was resuscitated in the 70's. While some more modern influences were brought in, the soul of the brand remains and some of the scents that were available in Victorian times are still for sale today. The brand's Victorian legacy is also noticeable in the eccentric bottle designs and designs of the Penhaligon's boutiqes. They have managed to stay true to their beginnings but in their work with contemporary perfumers like Oliver Cresp they have also attained a whole new audience as part of the growing niche fragrance community. All fragrances are still handmade in England with natural ingredients.

Penhaligon's make quite a few unisex fragrances worth mentioning, including Quercus (1996), a fresh and creamy cologne for both men and women with lemon, lime, cardamom, sandalwood and amber. Juniper Sling (2011) is inspired by a classic gin & tonic and mixes juniper and cinnamon with cherry and sugar.

Among some of the best-selling newer Penhaligon's perfumes we find Vaara (2013), an oriental fragrance with rose water, carrot seeds, saffron and honey as well as Iris Prima (2013), which mimics the scents of a ballet performance, from the wooden notes of the floorboards, to the light fabrics and the flowers at the end represented by notes of iris. The elegant Empressa (2014) is available in a lovely gift box which also functions as working music box!
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