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Roberto Cavalli Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Roberto Cavalli is a flamboyant Italian fashion designer. He is the embodiment of what luxury, glamour and an elite lifestyle is all about. With his wild animal prints, bohemian style and cutting-edge textiles it is no wonder that the Cavalli brand was named the number one women's fashion label on the Luxury Brand Status Index in 2010.

Whenever there is a red carpet event you can be sure to see one of Roberto Cavalli's beautiful dresses. His gowns are daring and spectacular, with an interesting mix of textiles. In 2007 he launched his first high street collection for H&M called “Wearing Cavalli”. It sold out within hours. Cavalli doesn't just make dresses, he also has a very large range of suits for men, sunglasses, shoes, boots, kids clothes, bags, watches, perfume and even his very own vodka called Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

Cavalli has collaborated with several famous brands and people; in 2007 he designed costumes for Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, as well as the wardrobe for the Spice Girls global reunion tour. In 2005 Playboy asked him to re-design the famous bunny costume. The limited edition Diet Coke bottle got a Cavalli design in 2008 and the Italian liqueur company Disaronno commissioned him to design their third Disaronno limited edition bottle in 2015.

In 2008 Roberto Cavalli was looking to sell his empire, but no one was willing to take on his business, so he kept it to himself and branched out even more. He now also do designs for homes and even has a nightclub, suitable for a man who after all designs some of the wildest, sexist, erotic, and fluid outfits for club girls to wear.

Roberto Cavallis designs are often outrageous, sexy and playful and his fragrance range do not disappoint. He has launched over 30 perfumes since 2002.

Roberto Cavalli's first fragrance, Roberto Cavalli for Women, was an instant hit with women all over the world. The box has a snake style animal print, which is the symbol of Cavalli’s label and the perfume is subtle, delicate and delicious with notes of amber, sandalwood and patchouli.

Paradiso Roberto Cavalli for women from 2015 is adorned with a beautiful crystal as the top and a golden snake twisting itself around the neck, the scent itself is a gorgeous blend of floral and woody notes. Serpentine, from 2005, is the signature symbol of Roberto Cavalli. It is a very feminine, sensual and dangerously scent, composed of sparkling mango-citrus notes and pretty, soft peppery florals.

Roberto Cavalli launched his summer scent, Roberto Cavalli Exotica, in 2014. It takes you to an exotic destination with it carefully blended mix of mango, frangipani flowers and creamy sandalwood. Just spray, close your eyes and find yourself on a perfect white beach, with the waves gently splashing your bare feet. Cavalli's style and perfume collection is carefully designed for the woman who loves style and who is young at heart.
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