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Worth Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Worth is a famous French fashion house founded by Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. They are known for their couture as well as a series of celebrated perfumes, including the timeless Je Reviens. Worth himself was a fashion pioneer who invented the idea of runway shows and is regarded as being one of the first celebrity designers.

Worth may be a French company but the founder himself was British. Charles Worth was born in 1825. His family had once been rich but his father had lost their entire fortune. As such, Charles had to start working at just eleven years old. He was later sent to London to work in a department and fabric store. After getting his bearings in the business he moved to Paris. The then nineteen-year old Worth managed to find work selling fabric, despite not speaking a word of French and having just 5 pounds to his name. The company he worked for, where he also met his wife, sold textiles to some of the best dress-makers in Paris but did not make any of their own. It wasn't long before he tried his hand at sewing himself. Worth managed to convince them to let him open a dress department and this would be the start of his very own fashion house.

Just a few years later, Worth had his very own prestigious shop where he sold dresses of his own design. There he would pioneer many new techniques and experiment with new materials. Soon his shops was frequented by royals and the upper crust of Paris society. He also became known for using live models instead of mannequins and the manner in which he used them to showcase clothes for potential clients became the blueprint for the modern catwalk show. Worth is also regarded as the first famous designer. At the time, even the most influential dressmakers weren't known by the public, and they would simply create whatever the client requested. Charles Worth would instead tell his clients what he thought they should wear and was also frequently the subject of many newspapers articles. Also, he was among the first to include a label with his name in the garments.

Worth passed in 1895 but his sons continued on and the house of worth was even more successful in the 20th century than they had been in the 19th They opened shops in both Europe and the US and carried on Worth's pioneering work. Ever the pioneers, they were also one of the first fashion houses to release a perfume; Dans La Nuit (1924). However, the brand fell into a slumber in the 1980's and then changed hands several times before being bought by Shaneel in the early 00's. It has now re-opened it's couture department under new management and once again begun to appear at the fashion shows which Charles Worth laid the groundwork for.

The most popular Worth perfume is without a doubt Je Reviens which was released in 1932. This is a floral and woody composition with citrus orange blossom, jasmine, lilac, cloves and rose on a base of sandalwood and incense. The name is French for “I Will Return” which made it a popular gift. Worth fragrances and colognes tend to be very floral and elegant, keeping with the opulent style of Charles Worth. Other popular scents include the sweet and flowery Miss Worth (1977) and Couture (2004), which is directly inspired by Je Reviens and could be considered the new version of this classisc Worth scent.
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