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Yardley Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Yardley of London is 224 years old and makes perfumes, toiletry products and cosmetics.
The name derives from William Yardley who purchased the company from the sons of the founder, Samuel Cleaver, when they went bankrupt. By mid 19th Century the company sold a variety of products, including perfumes, toiletries, hair pomades, soaps and powders. One of their first soaps, Old Brown Windsor, was exhibited at The Great Exhibition of 1851 in The Crystal Palace. The business’ success also drove them to open a high-street shop on Bond Street in London in 1910.

After several modifications to their brand image and logo, Yardley soon became a widely popular brand, which conveyed trustworthiness and expertise. In 1967 Yardley chose British model Twiggy to promote their products. Their success was incredible and they soon became a symbol for the 60s British youth’s style and culture.

Yardley’s most popular scent is Lavender, which is cultivated especially for them in the South of England. Most of their fragrances have a lavender base, however they also use other floral scents, like peony and lily. The Yardley Lavender scent was introduced in England in 1873 and reached America seven years later.

Today Yardley’s female fragrances include both its signature fragrances (Polaire, Daisy, Jade and Diamond) and classical fragrances (Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley, April Violets). English Lavender has become a timeless classic with its unique scent of bergamot and sandalwood mixed with the sweet and relaxing note of lavender. Diamond contains floral notes of lily of the valley and rose, sweetened by accords of pear and honey.
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