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Cellulite Treatments

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Women of all ages are likely to experience cellulite on their bodies at some point in their lives and it is most commonly found on the lower pelvic regions. It appears as dimples and is sometimes referred to as “orange peel” on your skin.

Cellulitis is basically stored fat within the connective tissue on your lower body region and is often the result of a combination of factors such as; hormones, change in metabolism, change in diet and it can also be heredity.

There are however many treatments to use and manage these “unwanted” dimples on your body. As cellulitis is perceived as an aesthetic matter, the beauty industry has taken it into their own hands to create “topical” treatments for it.

Brands such as; Clarins, Skeyndor, Elemis, Jeanne Piaubert and Kanebo Cosmetics all have products to help and “action” your condition directly such as; serums, lotions, balm, creams and gels. The treatments are created for firming, smoothing and toning your skin with the hope to reduce the appearance cellulite.

Many brands have treatments that aim to target the cellulites directly and intensively over a short defined period of time, such as 15 days for the best results.
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