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The Concealer is a makeup product that is very much essential in your makeup bag and with the aim to achieve a nice looking result for your "base" on your face. Concealer, or 'colour corrector' as it is also called, has existed since 1954 when Max Factor first launched the product Erase.

The name in itself explains what the product actually does, it 'corrects' by visibly erasing the colour of any blemishes or different pigments on your skin to make the colour appear more uniform. As concealer is quite heavy on your skin, it's often more effective at covering those troublesome areas than a foundation, but they are more commonly used together for a more natural effect.

The concealer comes in different forms such as liquids, powders and creams. Most makeup brands have a concealer in their cosmetics ranges but the better-known specialist such as Maybelline, Nars and NYX have a greater offering. Good cosmetics brands will have their concealers focused on certain areas, skin types, and skin tones and often with different formula options. An example would be Maybelinne's "Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer" which is designed for under-eyes and blemishes. Its formula boasts great coverage and it won't make your look appear "cakey".
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