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OPI is all about the nails. Pretty pink nails, black nails, grey nail, sparkling nails, any colour nails you want and OPI will have it.

Based in California, the multi-award winning nail product manufacturer originally started off selling dental supplies. When George Schaffer bought the company Odontorium Products Inc in 1981 he set off to change its face completely. Together with a newly recruited artistic director and biochemist he started selling an acrylic nail care system to local nail salons. The immediate success made them focus on nail care entirely and the brand OPI was born, offering their iconic nail varnishes since 1989!

The company has managed to remain at the forefront of product development and owns numerous product patents. Since its launch, OPI has revolutionised the world of nail care and is considered the world's leading manufacturer of nail products.

OPI products are designed with a focus on safety and innovation, as well as with an eye to the latest research. The company aims to offer luxurious nail care products at affordable prices. OPI nail polishes have been praised for their high quality and high pigmentation, making them especially long-lasting and chip-resistant.

OPI is famous for their celebrity collaborations. Some of the famous contributors to OPI nail polish are Justin Bieber, whose “One Less Lonely Girl” collection sold out in 3000 stores when it was first released in 2010; Katy Perry had similar success with her five shades of nail polish which give your nails a crackle/shatter look; Mariah Carey helped launch the 2013 collection which had a new nail technology called the "Liquid Sand" formula.

Other nail polish collections were inspired by brands and pop culture including Shrek from 2010, this ended in a collection with no pinks and no reds as these are not associated with a big friendly ogre; in 2011 OPI celebrated the TV show Modern Family with a collection of 14 different shades and finishes; Coca Cola joined the OPI gang in 2014 when different colours of nail polish was launched to resemble the various soft drinks of the company.

OPI also rely on quirky marketing strategies like the use of unusual and witty names for their different shades of nail lacquer – We love the German Collection from 2012 with names such as “Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!”, “Don't Pretzel My Buttons” and “Deutsch You Want Me Baby?” or the spring/summer Holland collection with quirky names such as Wooden Shoe Like to Know?” and “I Have A Herring Problem”.
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