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Exfoliators & Scrubs

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It is not always enough to only cleanse the skin with a facial cleanser. Sometimes the skin needs more help to remove build up of dead skin cells and pollution. A scrub or exfoliate can be of good help. Bring the spa feeling home and get silky smooth skin without having to visit the spa.

There are a big selection of both physical and chemical scrubs and exfoliates available, for all skin types. Physical scrubs and exfoliates remove dead skin cells and build up by manually massaging small particles onto the skin.

Chemical exfoliates are not as scary as they sound, and are in some cases gentle on the skin then a physical scrub. Chemical exfoliation has been used at the skin clinics for years, but are becoming more available in lower concentrations that are safe to use at home. Chemical exfoliants use chemicals in the right concentrations that are safe to be used on the skin, and eliminates dead skin cells by the use of acids. Lactic acid, Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid are the most used acids in chemical exfoliating products.
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