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Eye Shadows

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Eye shadow became popular in the cosmetic industry in the 20th century by Elizabeth Arden, who came across its use while visiting salons in Paris where coloured powders were being applied to the upper eyelids and under the brows to enhance the eye's beauty, and create different looks. She later introduced it into her own salons when she returned to the United States.

However, eye shadow has been in use much longer than that, like many other types of cosmetics, they originated thousands of years ago. Applying colours to this area of the eyes has been traced back to the ancient Greeks who developed and used shades from coloured minerals such as green malachite.

Today we can find on the market eye shadows for every look and preference. Eye shadows come in powder, gel, cream forms and in and so many colours and shades on the market that you can create any look you desire. Explore our extensive range of eye shadows from all the biggest brands and find the perfect palette for your look.
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