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Eyeliner is a beauty product which originated a long time ago in the areas of Mesopotamia and Egypt, where it was not only a beauty product but a circle made around eyes that helped to protect them from the sun and the dust.

In the modern beauty-industry eyeliner has seen a long evolution, and it has always been an essential part of most people's makeup bags.

In the 19th century, eyeliner became very popular and was applied in different ways in order to give eyes a different shape or to intensify the gaze.

Today we can find eyeliners produced by nearly every cosmetics brand. With big names such as IsaDora, Clarins and Lancome at the forefront. Offering multiple shades and forms ranging from eyeliner pencils, sticks and crayons to liquids, gels and creams. More recently eyeliners have evolved to produce glitter, matte and satin effects, as well as enhanced long-lasting, waterproof and paraben-free features.
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