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Leonor Greyl Haircare

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Leonor Greyl is a Parisian-based, family-owned haircare brand, that has existed since 1968. Their love and passion for Haircare, Health and Botany have outlined the main principles in Leonor Greyl's philosophy for their brand right from the start. Since then, the quality of their product range, developed within their haircare institute, has generated a huge reputation within the hairdressing world!

They have built a range of products that has the definition of hair 'care' behind them, such as Masque à l'Orchidée Nourishing Hair Mask 200ml and Leonor Greyl L'Huile De Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil. Their alcohol-free Styling Products such as Leonor Greyl Gel à L'Hibiscus are a great example of how they like to minimise the irritants and allow the science of nature to revitalise your hair.
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