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Lipstick is a beauty product that is considered a must-have in every beauty shelf.

First used around 5000 years ago by Sumerians with a basic formula obtained by crushing gemstones, lipstick has a long and sometimes turbulent history. For periods up until the 1500s in England, lipstick was banned and considered an expression of immorality until Queen Elizabeth I made the product not only acceptable but fashionable.

Today, lipstick is an essential beauty product for every kind of makeup and it can be found for any complexion or in any colour.

The word itself describes the product which is generally a pigmented stick, coloured, with a creamy texture. Nowadays this beauty essential can be found not only as a stick but also in the format of lip gloss, lip stain, crayon, pencil etc. The formula can contain oils, emollients, and waxes to guarantee protection and hydration to our lips.

Depending on our needs and the finish we want to give to our lips, lipsticks can be shiny, glittery or matte. Find your perfect match today from our extensive range of brands and products!
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